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Venus Goyzueta

Founder of Calma el Alma

¡Hi! My name is Venus Goyzueta, i am a communicator by profession and an ontological coach and a holistic therapist out of passion.

In 2015 I became certified as an ontological coach at the Newfield Network school and since then my life has changed; I learned to unlearn and expand my possibilities of action.

My next great learnings came from my search to continue exploring in myself and from my desire to accompany others to live more fully and happily; It was then that I discovered the Akashic Records. This tool allowed me to connect with my soul on a much deeper level and to listen to my own divine wisdom.

Months later I discovered, thanks to David Topi, the Akashic (energetic) Healing and then Mariana Aravales would appear, who shared her teachings on Curanderita flower therapies: Shamanic Essences of Peru.

Today I accompany people, through these tools, to find themself, listen, validate, accept themself and heal; and also to find their purpose by improving their quality of life.

I firmly believe that our power lies in transformation, learning and sharing, and these are the pillars that move me to improve every day and to put what I am learning into service of others. If you are interested to find more about coaching or energy therapies, contact me through my social networks or send me an email to

¡A luminous hug!

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